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Surya Yantra Print with 8x10” Mat (Black and White)

  • A yantra is a symbolic representation of a deity. Yantras can be invested with energy: yantras are activated by the use of mantras. The combination of mantra and yantra creates an energy field for a specific purpose. Yantras are a form of sacred geometry. As the god of the sun, Surya and his yantra are tools for guiding thoughts and feelings in healthy patterns through the viewer’s intentions. The Surya Yantra is sometimes called the Radiance Yantra. The twelve outer petals are the celestial beams of the sun, symbolic of the twelve months of the year and the twelve astrological signs. The sun is the regal master of the entire solar system and the visible universe.  Focusing on the Surya Yantra can be particularly appropriate for extending yourself into new social situations, travel or undertaking adventures in life. Surya is a celebration of light and illumination in yourself and others. The Surya Yantra  brings illumination, healing and spiritual magnetism. This beautiful, symbolic illustration was created for the book Vocal Medicine by Kathleen Karlsen. Original pen and ink drawing by Rose Karlsen.