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Shiva Yantra Print with 8x10” Mat (Black and White)

  • A yantra is a symbolic representation of a deity. Yantras can be invested with energy: yantras are activated by the use of mantras. The combination of mantra and yantra creates an energy field for a specific purpose. Yantras are a form of sacred geometry. Shiva is the third member of the Hindu trinity, akin to the Holy Spirit, and aids in the death or destruction of ego and the rebirth achieved during meditation. Shiva is an aspect of the higher self. Shiva can also be viewed as the basic masculine energy of the universe while shakti is the feminine energy. Shiva is alternately depicted both as benevolent and fearsome. This beautiful, symbolic illustration was created for the book Vocal Medicine by Kathleen Karlsen. Original pen and ink drawing by Rose Karlsen.