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Lakshmi Yantra Print with 8x10” Mat (Black and White)

  • A yantra is a symbolic representation of a deity. Yantras can be invested with energy: yantras are activated by the use of mantras. The combination of mantra and yantra creates an energy field for a specific purpose. Yantras are a form of sacred geometry. This is the yantra for Lakshmi, the well-known as the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. She is the wife of Vishnu and also appears as a deity in Jainism and Buddhism. Lakshmi is endowed with six auspicious or divine qualities known as gunas. In the Shapati Brahmana, Lakshmi is described as beautiful and resplendent with immense powers and energy. In one story, Lakshmi is born from Prajpati, the Lord of all creatures. The gods become covetous of her and demand that she be killed so that they can take her powers. Prajpati refuses and says that they must seek her gifts without violence. Lakshmi's gifts include imperial authority, martial energy, priestly authority, dominion, splendor and nourishment. This yantra encapsulates her divine qualities. This beautiful illustration was created for the book Vocal Medicine by Kathleen Karlsen. Original pen and ink drawing by Rose Karlsen.