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An Introduction to Mantras, Chanting and Kirtan


This book brings together my personal journey through mantras, chanting and kirtan, and years of research into the power of sacred art and sacred music. Topics include the building blocks of sound; bija seed syllables; mantras and the chakras; and the transformative power of sound, color and the arts. Features musical notation and descriptions of over two dozen mantras and chants for transforming the body and mind. Extensive illustrations by Rose Karlsen. 186 pages
"I just finished your book. Wow. What an incredible resource. It is truly wonderful."
Michele H., Kirtan Leader/Music Educator, Wyoming
Responses from Readers to Vocal Medicine
"Vocal Medicine is a beautiful book! I had only been involved in Kirtan a few times when I was divinely guided to Kathleen Karlsen. I knew that I loved the way I felt when I was chanting but I didn’t understand exactly why. This book dives into the breakdown of the chants and was exactly what I was looking for without even knowing it! Highly recommend!!" Anna A., Student, North Dakota
"I went through your book last night and found myself looking in each chapter for your personal story. I was inspired by your determination, your love of learning and your patience. Your years-long search has brought you healing, answers and a gift which you can share with others." Susan H., Intuitive Coach, Montana
"As a health practitioner I can truly recommend this book for those who are seeking authentic empowerment.  Considering that your voice is your very own personal instrument, Kathleen’s book gives us the research and the understanding of heart felt chanting which may contribute to your transformation and awareness of the power of healing yourself, your family and your community at large." Chantal H., Massage Therapist, Montana
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