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Kathleen Karlsen and the

Shakti Bliss KIRTAN BAND

Experience music as a spiritual practice through devotional chanting and singing with the Shakti Bliss band. Shakti is the feminine power that creates all of the universe, the primordial cosmic energy that animates all of life.
Our music includes Hindu, Christian and Buddhist traditions with an emphasis on the divine feminine and God in nature. We are based in Bozeman, MT. Come to chant, dance, meditate or relax with us!


Kathleen Karlsen
Kathleen Karlsen is the founder of the Shakti Bliss Kirtan Band. Kathleen has taken three levels of training at the Kirtan Leadership Institute in Boulder, CO and has passionately pursued creating and sharing this music ever since.
She is also an artist, writer, and professional narrator for educational videos. Kathleen is the author of Vocal Medicine: Transformation through Sound. She plays the harmonium and is the lead vocalist for Shakti Bliss.
Andrew Karlsen
Andrew Karlsen is a multi-faceted musician adding vocals, recorder and udu drum to Shakti Bliss. Andrew is a professional video editor and multimedia specialist for Workiva, a financial software company. Andrew had short stint as a vocalist in a band that later evolved into the heavy metal band TNT in the 80s.
Andrew loves folk music and collects traditional instruments.  Andrew originally hails from Norway and returns to his homeland regularly to visit family and friends and soak up the incredible nature of fjords and ancient mountains. 
Marius Michael-George
Marius Michael-George is a bestselling New Age visionary artist working for Hay House and published internationally. Marius is based in Paradise Valley, MT and runs daily through the mountains. He spends his free time having way too much fun playing with amazing musician friends in the kirtan universe.
Marius is a member of several kirtan bands including Shakti Bliss, Shiva Ram, and Open Road Kirtan. Marius has been playing tabla for nearly a decade. He loves attending kirtan festivals and playing in every possible circumstance. He originally hails from Romania.
Paul Bohak
Paul Bohak is a multi-instrumentalist, song writer, recording artist and producer. His instruments include guitar, bass, drums, percussion and voice. For Shakti Bliss, Paul plays bass and acoustic guitar. He has released three solo albums. 
Paul has co-led kirtans, playing guitar and percussion and singing for seven years. Playing bass in a kirtan band is his most recent endeavor related to chanting and presents a new challenge which he takes on happily!
Mahima Giri
Mahima Giri is an adventure loving nature worshipper. When she isn’t having fun with Shakti Bliss, you can find her somewhere in the great outdoors with like-minded friends or spending time in the garden or whipping up some delicious grub or snuggled up with a good read.
Borm and raised in Nepal, you can rely on Mahima to help you with your Sanskrit! Mahima has a Master’s in Environmental Science. She plays the hand cymbals or Kartals as well as provides vocal support in the band.